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Eviction Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Fast and efficient eviction company for any southeast Wisconsin property

Eviction isn’t fun for anyone. No matter how awful a tenant has been, needing to kick someone out of their home is an awful experience. Not only that, but depending on the tenant, it may be unsafe. The interaction can easily lead to a miscommunication & tensions could arise.

Leave the headache to Active Property Maintenance. We are a full service property maintenance company that provides eviction services to property managers.

Benefits to using an eviction service company instead of taking it on all by yourself:

  • Convenient for your busy schedule
  • Peace of mind in an uncomfortable circumstance
  • Personal safety
Contact Active Property Maintenance today if you need help evicting your tenant.

We provide eviction services for:

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With Active Property Maintenance, you don’t need to worry about superfluous tasks. We handle everything, from delivering the eviction notice to cleaning out their unit after they’re gone.